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Why take an Impaktr program?

Society engineers too many autopilots; people who are taught to be obedient, docile, and fearful of change. They are conditioned by school, business, and politics to keep their head down, not ask too many questions and simply follow the protocol — just like a carefully engineered autopilot system. But an autopilot system nonetheless...

What we need in the world are more high-thinkers: people who question the current ways of living. People who guide their decisions by timeless wisdom and act based on high morals – consistently driven by their effective habits. Because it's those people who are able to change the world.

Gain wisdom

Rediscover timeless truths through a modern lens. Find new ways to overcome today's BS. Apply knowledge to cultivate real wisdom.

Build habits

Develop life skills they don't teach you in school. Build habits to support your deepest values. Make tiny changes, get remarkable outcomes.

Make change

The best way to change the world is to challenge yourself. Discover your purpose and be of service to those who need you the most.


Yannick van Hierden

Dr Yannick van Hierden is a behaviour change scientist who specialises in peak performance and health. He has completed a PhD and received $500,000 in scholarships and grants for his research.

Yannick took his findings and created Impaktr, a training company that combined ancient wisdom with modern science to cultivate a unshakeable mind and impeccable habits.

  • Trained hundreds of professionals from organisations including Mater Hospital, Queensland Government, PRD Nationwide, and more.
  • Published research articles in leading scientific journals.
  • Presented to audiences in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and The Netherlands.
  • Delivered dozens of high-impact workshops to professionals and academics.
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Elevate Self Growth

Elevate Self Growth is an evidence-based online training program to improve mental health and well-being.

Developed by behaviour change scientist, Dr Yannick van Hierden, Elevate Self Growth combines ancient wisdom and modern behaviour science, providing you with hands-on tools to curb stress, find mental clarity and become resilient.

The program has been co-designed with both people and experts to ensure the tactics are adaptable to people's unique lives. The content is the same for everyone, but the execution is exclusive to your situation. Going through the challenges, the tools, and the exercises, you will generate insights that are unique to your lifestyle and will work regardless of the environment you are in.

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6 Essential Well-Being Habits

In our research, we found 6 habits that are essential to be healthy and happy.

So, we have developed the "Self Growth Well-being Assessment" — a quick self-test that gives you a personalised score on these 6 crucial well-being habits.

Based on your score, you get a personalised feedback report that tells you what you do well already, and where there is room for improvement.

If you want to build habits that make you healthier and happier, you should take this assessment.

It's completely free, and it takes only 5 minutes. Just click the button below to get your personalised well-being report for free.

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One Habit to Master Life

Do you struggle to balance your bold professional goals with your family life, health and internal well-being?

We get it! It's not your fault. We're here to help.

We’ve combined time-tested wisdom with modern science to rise above and become utterly unshakeable in your mindset and behaviour.

We're offering a live peak performance Zoom workshop for accomplished leaders struggling with distraction, self-sabotage and uncertainty.

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Real People. Remarkable Results.

Shyam B.

"I’ve always been interested in self-improvement. I want to wake up every day feeling refreshed, focused, and having the determination to excel and do things that matter. Doing an Impaktr course was an excellent opportunity to help me achieve my goals in life."

Philippa W.

"Most of the time I would have trouble getting up in the morning, I would snooze my alarm and my day would feel rushed and chaotic. However, now after implementing the Impaktr habit practices, I wake up regularly every morning same time. This transformation has affected not just my morning but my whole day. I feel I have more energy than before. I get more done in my day and I feel more fulfilled in my life."

Jesse W.

"Focusing on small habit changes, rather than grand acts of extreme effort, made it easier and more enjoyable to change my behaviour. I have become more astute at prioritising my time and I’m better at reducing the distractions that prevent me from doing my work."

Petra P.

"Quickly after adopting the practice of meditation and building healthier habits, I saw the difference in how I felt, which made me stick with the process. Now after more than a year, I can say that I truly feel happier and lighter. I don’t think I would have been able to break out from my old ways without the help of the Impaktr program."

Lazar H.

"Before the Impaktr course, I would often drift around and waste my time. Thanks to these lessons and challenges, I learned to minimise distractions, set priorities in my life, and trust the process. Success comes gradually — it's not a sprint, it's a marathon."

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