Impaktr provides the skills they don’t teach in university

– paired with the knowledge they do teach in university

We teach leaders to become high-thinkers who question the current ways of living. High-thinkers guide their decisions with timeless wisdom and act based on high morals – consistently driven by their effective habits. Because it's those people who are able to change the world.

We believe that one day there will be a world in which all leaders are pursuing a higher purpose and are making a meaningful impact. Our mission is to help leaders take charge of their life, make brilliant choices, and fearlessly work on creating a better world.

To achieve our mission, we provide a modern way to embed ancient wisdom into people’s lifestyle. In essence, Impaktr offers easy-to-implement frameworks and evidence-based tools to change behaviour, improve performance and optimise well-being.

"We help leaders to eliminate stress and become unshakeable individuals. When leaders work with us, they get up every morning, knowing exactly what to do to make a difference. Ultimately, they become disciplined and accomplish more in one day than most do in a week. As a result, they have more time and energy to do things that bring joy and meaning."

— Yannick van Hierden, Founder of Impaktr

Hi, I'm Yannick van Hierden

Impaktr Founder

I grew up in the Netherlands and was the lowest-performing student at my university. But when I moved to Australia, I transformed from a procrastinating couch potato with toxic habits into a high-performer who graduated among the top 1% at Griffith University.

I then decided to do a PhD to master the topics of high performance and well-being. I received nearly $500,000 dollars in scholarships and grants to conduct research and build real-world solutions.

Informed by my research, I founded Impaktr. Through my work, I share insights to get clarity of vision, build the ‘Master Habit’, and align lifestyle and profession with a greater purpose. I’m best known for my unique approach that combines modern science and ancient wisdom to help people change their lives. My mission is to help people take charge of their minds and habits, and thus their lives.

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