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Why take an Impaktr program?

Society engineers too many autopilots; people who are taught to be obedient, docile, and fearful of change. They are conditioned by school, business, and politics to keep their head down, not ask too many questions and simply follow the protocol — just like a carefully engineered autopilot system. But an autopilot system nonetheless...

What we need in the world are more high-thinkers: people who question the current ways of living. People who guide their decisions by timeless wisdom and act based on high morals – consistently driven by their effective habits. Because it's those people who are able to change the world.

Gain wisdom

Rediscover timeless truths through a modern lens. Find new ways to overcome today's BS. Apply knowledge to cultivate real wisdom.

Build habits

Develop life skills they don't teach you in school. Build habits to support your deepest values. Make tiny changes, get remarkable outcomes.

Make change

The best way to change the world is to challenge yourself. Discover your purpose and be of service to those who need you the most.


Yannick van Hierden

Yannick is a behaviour change scientist at Griffith University and founder at Impaktr. He has been studying behaviour change and personal development for nearly 10 years.

Yannick's methods are rooted in ancient wisdom, backed by modern science — and made accessible through personal experience.

Having undergone major transformations himself, he doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk as well.

His programs are for people who want to elevate their thinking, act brilliantly, and make a lasting positive impact.

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Elevate Self Growth

Disoriented by the rollercoaster of modern life, we forget what is essential. This new program is for people who want to find mental clarity, get unstuck and live brilliantly.

This program teaches you to elevate your thinking, break through and be happy.

In a series of masterclasses, you will learn to find your focus, optimise your health, discover your essence and build habits to render service at your highest point of contribution.

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6 Essential Well-Being Habits

In our research, we found 6 habits that are essential to be healthy and happy.

So, we have developed the "Self Growth Well-being Assessment" — a quick self-test that gives you a personalised score on these 6 crucial well-being habits.

Based on your score, you get a personalised feedback report that tells you what you do well already, and where there is room for improvement.

If you want to build habits that make you healthier and happier, you should take this assessment.

It's completely free, and it takes only 5 minutes. Just click the button below to get your personalised well-being report for free.

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