3 Hidden Influencers in Your Mind: Master These for Wise Decisions and Impeccable Habits

Mar 03, 2024

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Explore the power of ancient wisdom in shaping everyday choices for a more purposeful and balanced life.

Ever felt like you're just reacting to everything?

Where even though you have good intentions, you sometimes blurt hurtful comments to loved ones, splurge on useless items, or lose hours mindlessly browsing?

Small things, right? But they stack up. They shape our lives in ways we don't even realise.

But what if you could change the narrative?

Instead of being a slave to impulse, imagine pausing, choosing, and acting with intention. What if you could craft your actions to create a life that's not just about reacting, but about thriving?

Ready to learn how? Let's dive in.

The Ancient Wisdom of Tri-Gunas

Ever wondered why you make the choices you do? Ancient yoga wisdom talks about Tri-Gunas – three fundamental forces that subtly yet powerfully influence our decisions.

Think about your last big decision. Was it a quick, gut-driven choice or a thought-out process? This is where Tri-Gunas play a role, subtly yet powerfully.

These forces are not elusive or mystical. They're patterns of behaviour we see and experience every day. They're in the rush of a deadline, the slump after a lazy weekend, the calm of a well-organised plan.

Understanding Tri-Gunas is like having a roadmap for your mind. It's about noticing these patterns and using them to make better choices and build better habits.

Let's delve deeper into each of these three influencers.

3 Hidden Influencers in Your Daily Life

  1. Mode of Ignorance (Tama Guna): The quality of darkness, inactivity, lethargy, and tendencies that dull your mind, leaving you stuck or inactive.
  2. Mode of Passion (Raja Guna): The quality of overactivity, unrest, passion and chaotic motion that push you to achieve, but often leaves you wanting more.
  3. Mode of Goodness (Sattva Guna): The quality of harmony, balance, lucidity and enlightened states of being that bring wisdom, balance, and inner peace.

1. Mode of Ignorance

Imagine being trapped in a fog where every step feels heavy and unclear. This is the realm of tamas, where laziness and lethargy reign. In this state, negative traits such as clouded judgment, dullness, and destructive choices become the norm.

Picture someone lost in addiction. They are in the grip of “ignorance” and their life becomes a cycle of wasting away.

But this is not just about addiction; it's a form of ignorance that seeps into our daily lives.

Ever had days where you just can't seem to get off the couch? Or times when you've made choices that you later regret because they were easy, but not right? That's the mode of ignorance in action – it's the sluggishness, the fog that lead us away from our best selves, often resulting in regrettable decisions.

Understanding and recognising this mode of ignorance is the first step in breaking free from its grasp and moving towards a more enlightened, productive state of being.

2. Mode of Passion

Now, think about that relentless drive pushing us to work longer hours or chase the next big thing. It's the rush of achieving ambitious goals.

However, this same drive can lead to a never-ending cycle of wanting more, leaving us feeling drained and dissatisfied.

It's the reason behind over-endeavouring, pushing oneself to the limit, and often, the struggle to find balance.

While passion is often glorified, it can be a one-way ticket to frustration.

Passion is a double-edged sword – propelling us to great heights but potentially leading to intense frustration if not managed wisely.

Understanding this mode is key to avoiding distress, disappointment and burnout.

3. Mode of Goodness

Finally, consider a mode where calm and clarity reign.

Imagine a person who finds peace in quiet, natural settings, away from the hustle and bustle of crowded, noisy places.

This person isn't drawn to the flashy, loud, or aggressive aspects of life. Instead, they seek a life of calm, preferring a book under a tree to a party in a club. They value serenity over chaos, clarity over confusion.

This mode is about finding balance and harmony within oneself and with the world.

It's a path to inner peace and profound understanding, a journey towards a more enlightened way of being where one's actions are aligned with a higher, more meaningful purpose.

Making the Tri-Gunas Work for You

Each day, we're influenced by these modes. They affect how we wake up, react to situations, and make decisions. By understanding these forces – passion, ignorance, and goodness – we can choose our responses more wisely.

Instead of being pulled in every direction by our impulses, we can steer our lives with intention.

So, next time you're feeling driven, lazy, or calm, ask yourself: what choices and behaviours have led me to experience this? Recognising these forces is key in using them to shape a life that's intentional and fulfilling.

Finding Your Balance

The Tri-Gunas are like three primary colours on a painter’s palette. Each day, you mix these colours in various proportions to paint the canvas of your life. But here's where wisdom comes in: it's not about equal distribution; it's about selective mixing for the best outcome.

Imagine ignorance as a colour that, while part of the palette, is best left untouched. It's a hue that, when used, can cloud the entire picture.

Passion, while a bold and vibrant colour, should be used sparingly. Think of adding just a drop or two to energise your day. It's the colour that drives ambition and creativity, but when used in excess, it can overwhelm the entire canvas.

Goodness should be your main hue – it's like the bright, harmonious base that brings balance and clarity to your life's painting. It's the colour you want to prevail your daily mix, setting the tone for a fulfilling and peaceful day.

Crafting your life

In your daily life, think of your actions and decisions as brushstrokes. You might occasionally dip into passion for motivation or drive, but the dominant strokes should be in the colour of goodness, ensuring a balanced and harmonious outcome.

By consciously choosing how much of each 'colour' you bring into your day, you can create a life that's more aligned with peace, wisdom, and fulfilment.

To making a difference,

Dr Yannick

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